DIVR+ Virtual Reality Snorkeling


DIVR+ Virtual Reality Snorkeling

Spring Break

Dive into a whole new world of adventure with the ultimate immersive snorkeling virtual reality experience at the Cabana Pool.

In this weightless underwater environment, guests have the opportunity to select two exhilarating adventures, from an exploration of the ocean, to a voyage through space, a dive into the ruins of Atlantis, or a thrilling skydiving experience.

Besides being able to swim, no athletic ability is required. Recommended for ages 7+. Each reservation includes your choice of two 5-minute virtual reality experiences.

Returns for Spring Break. Please check back for reservations.

Exclusively for overnight guests.

  • 360° virtual adventure in neutral buoyancy, with audio and sensory effects
  • Participants wear a floatation belt with anchor to keep you in place and VR headset with snorkel
  • Your reservation includes your choice of two 5-minute VR experiences
  • Ideal for guests ages 7 and up and 48 inches in height
  • Besides the ability to swim, no athletic ability is required
  • The pool is heated to a comfortable 82-85 degrees year-round

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