Hotel del Coronado

Hotel del Coronado Creating A Sustainable Future.

Since 1888, Hotel del Coronado has shared a love of the ocean with generations of hotel guests. Today, The Del is proud to be a pioneer in sustainability and the first historic hotel to achieve a Silver Green Seal certification for making significant progress against climate change.

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  • Participates in Hilton's Travel with Purpose initiatives to operate and grow sustainably, reduce our environmental footprint, and improve our positive social impact in the local community
  • Participates in Hilton’s Light Stay Program to track, analyze and improve the hotel’s environmental impact
  • Paper, cardboard, wood pallets, plastic containers, aluminum cans and glass are separated and recycled
  • All outdoor trash cans have dual-bins for recyclables and trash
  • Batteries, fluorescent lights and computers are discarded appropriately to keep them out of landfills
  • Uses a falconry and catch and release program to naturally discourage pests
  • Maintains the property grounds to preserve the ocean environment
  • Team Members participate in annual beach clean ups and have a Sustainability Committee
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Food & Beverage

  • Culinary team works with local sustainable farms, ranches and fishermen whenever possible
  • Serea’s Chef JoJo Ruiz was named a James Beard Certified Smart Catch Leader in 2019 and 2020
  • Serea is Certified Ocean Friendly by the Surfrider Foundation
  • Food waste is mindfully minimized for all meals
  • Surplus food is donated to Waste Not San Diego
  • Leftover food waste is ground to reduce impact on landfills
  • Restaurants and special events feature multi-use decor
  • Special events use solid wood tables for stations, reducing water use from laundering table linens
  • Water is offered on request only
  • Compostable straws are used to reduce plastic consumption
  • Ware washing uses a high-heat rinse cycle without chemicals
  • Fry oil is recycled and used to produce bio-diesel.
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  • Energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights save 641,000 kilowatts annually
  • State-of-the-art energy management systems control heating, air conditioning and lighting in all guestrooms
  • All rooms have ceiling fans to reduce air-conditioning use
  • Low flow shower heads, toilets and fixtures reduce water use
  • Refillable toiletry containers reduce plastic consumption
  • Guests are encouraged to save water by not having towels and sheets changed daily, saving 663,000 gallons annually
  • Guests are also reminded to turn off air-conditioning when not in the room

Sales & Events

  • Participates in Hilton’s Carbon Neutral Meetings program by tracking an event's carbon footprint and then neutralizing it by purchasing carbon credits from The South Pole Group (SPG). SPG implements global carbon reduction projects that align with United Nations Sustainable Development and Hilton’s Travel with Purpose goals.

Marketing & PR

  • Maintains ongoing partnerships with the Surfrider Foundation, Emerald Keepers and other local groups
  • Reduces paper waste by providing digital collateral


  • Provides ocean sustainability programming in Kids Club
  • Carefully maintains the beach areas to aide in ocean preservation


  • Uses vacuum cleaners designed by the Carpet and Rug Institute to reduce indoor air pollutants
  • Uses Green Seal Certified cleaning products
  • Participate in Hilton’s soap recycling program


  • Irrigation system has state-of-the-art programmers and sprinklers with low-flow, high-efficiency heads.
  • Recycles 75 tons of green waste annually

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