1969 - Coronado Bridge opens


San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge Opens


In 1969, the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge was completed and made Coronado Island and Hotel del Coronado much more accessible. There were several proposals over the years to build a bridge (including one by hotel owner John D. Spreckels in 1926), but it wasn’t until 1964 that the bridge was approved by the Pentagon with the help of the California State Division of Highways.

After a groundbreaking in 1967 and two years of construction, opening ceremonies were held on August 2, 1969, and included a parade of vintage cars. The spectacular bridge is a beautiful sparkling blue and more than 2 miles in length, with a visually dramatic 90-degree shift at mid-point. This elegant structure is high enough for the tallest Navy ships to pass under and is artfully supported by arches with side panels of just 34 inches to allow for spectacular views while traveling across the bay.

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