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Del Beach

The Del’s full-service “Del Beach” offers luxurious lounge chairs with cushions and terry covers, fringed umbrellas, half-moon cabanettes and plush day beds for full day rental. Del Beach also offers food and drink service, including salads, sandwiches and cocktails. Plus there are sun-tastic recreational activities on our expansive golden sand beach, such as an interactive kids’ play area with kids’ toys. View food and drink menu. No reservations required, though reservations are recommended for the Luxury Beach Beds by calling (619) 522-8122.

Full-Day Rental
Luxury Lounge Chair – $15 for hotel guests / $18 for day visitors
Umbrella – $20  for hotel guests / $23 for day visitors
Cabanettes (with 2 lounge chairs) – $60 for hotel guests / $71 for day visitors
Luxury Beach Bed (with shade) – $150 & up
*Prices above are for off-season. Prices are higher from Memorial Weekend through Labor Day.