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Southpointe Event Center

Taking center stage of the $400 million transformation is the brand-new Southpointe Event Center featuring a 15,130 sq. ft. clear span Ballroom.

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Southpointe Ballroom

The new Southpointe Ballroom opened in September 2022 as part of the brand-new Southpointe Event Center.

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Southpointe Lawn

The 14,000-square-foot Southpointe Lawn has debuted as part of the brand-new Southpointe Event Center that opened in September 2022.

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Main Beach

Named one of the Top 10 Beaches in America, Main Beach is the perfect venue for a fun group outing.

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North Beach

Hotel del Coronado's North Beach is a stunning venue for large beach parties and receptions.

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Windsor Lawn

Located just steps from the sand, Windsor Lawn is a remarkable oceanfront venue.

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Vista Terrace

The Del’s famed signature turret and sparkling Pacific serve as the backdrop for this beautiful outdoor space.

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Founders Lawn

Founders Lawn is a beautiful shaded expanse beneath our historic Norfolk Island Pine trees that were planted when the famed San Diego hotel was first built in 1888.

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Founders Ballroom

Founders Ballroom is perfect for large meetings, banquets and exhibits.

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Cabana Ballroom

The Cabana Ballroom is a large modern venue space that can also be broken into three smaller venues.

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Crown Room

This iconic Crown Room features a magnificent 30-foot pine ceiling and gorgeous crown chandeliers.

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Coronet Room

The Coronet Room features a crown chandelier and floor to ceiling windows.

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Ocean Ballroom

The elegant Ballroom features panoramic views of the Pacific & crystal chandeliers.

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Paseo Lawn

Paseo Lawn's beachfront elegance is a remarkable location for lunches and receptions.

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Power Plant

The historic Power Plant has been reimagined as a one-of-a-kind co-working and meeting space.

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Carousel Room

Located in our iconic Victorian Building, this circular room provides an inclusive flow for meetings.

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Spreckels Room

This casually elegant meeting space is great for moderately sized meetings, gatherings or luncheons.

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Babcock Room

The Babcock Room combines vintage styling with modern elegance in a medium-sized venue.

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Story Room

The Story Room is a multi-functional meeting venue that can be divided into three smaller spaces for break-out meetings.

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Reid Boardroom

Reid Boardroom is an intimate executive meeting space ideal for up to 10 people, located in Founders Hall.

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Coronado Room

The Coronado Room is a great space for small meetings, meals and breakouts.

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La Jolla Room

The La Jolla Room incorporates The Del's classic charm and coastal accents for a laid back, yet luxurious venue ideal for meetings, gatherings and meals.

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Point Loma Room

The Point Loma Room embodies the SoCal spirit of The Del and offers a great venue for medium-sized meetings or group meals.

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Imperial Room

Located in The Cabanas, the Imperial Room offers a modern coastal atmosphere for any gathering or business event.

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Ice House Museum & Legacy Court

Featuring artifacts, memorabilia and a Marilyn Monroe selfie spot, this flexible space is a great venue for small to medium receptions.

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The Garden

The Garden is a peaceful outdoor space with a stunning backdrop of luscious gardens.

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Garden Room

The Garden Room is a medium-sized venue that features floor to ceiling windows for a beautiful view of the Garden Patio.

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Crystal & Continental Room

The Crystal/Continental room features the historic architecture of our Victorian Building and can accommodate a variety of events and seating structures.

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Stuart Room

A smaller space within the classic Victorian building, Stuart Room is ideal for intimate meetings, breakouts and meals.

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York & Kent Room

The York/Kent Room is an intimate meeting space in The Victorian that is ideal for small meetings.

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Executive Room

The Executive Room is the ideal location for an intimate business meeting of up to 18 people.

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Room Charts

Indoor Meeting Room Information

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Meeting Room Information
Indoor VenuesSquare FeetDimensionsCeilingClassroomTheatreConferenceU-ShapeHollow SquareBanquets 6'
Rounds of 10
Banquets 5'
Rounds of 10
Banquets 6'
Rounds of 8
Crown Room9,30060 x 15530’5121088128180104500560400THE VICTORIAN
Coronet Room3,70557 x 6525’6”90182484456140160112THE VICTORIAN
Ocean Ballroom12,600126 x 10030’1”528950846872680700544THE VICTORIAN
Carousel Room6,24179 x 799’5”140300483648300340240THE VICTORIAN
Crystal Room76824 x 329’3”4072242430506045THE VICTORIAN
Continental Room1,18437 x 329’3”72120283240809064THE VICTORIAN
Crystal/Continental Room1,95261 x 329’3”12420052525612013096THE VICTORIAN
Executive Room39031 x 1510’18THE VICTORIAN
Garden Room1,65050 x 338’6”961503832409010072THE VICTORIAN
Stuart Room95228 x 349’1”6080282428606048THE VICTORIAN
Kent Room36816 x 238’4”18302016202016THE VICTORIAN
York Room36816 x 238’4”18302016202016THE VICTORIAN
York/Kent Room73632 x 238’4”36632430404032THE VICTORIAN
Founders Hall Foyer1,10011 x 100FOUNDERS HALL
Founders Ballroom11,571133 x 8722’2”6181184224252282610730488FOUNDERS HALL
Founders Ballroom A3,78444 x 8622’2”184342728896200240160FOUNDERS HALL
Founders Ballroom B3,82844 x 8722’2”250500807690210250168FOUNDERS HALL
Founders Ballroom C3,78444 x 8622’2”184342728896200240160FOUNDERS HALL
Founders Ballroom A/B7,65688 x 8722’2”434842152162186410490328FOUNDERS HALL
Founders Ballroom B/C7,65688 x 8722’2”434842152162186410490328FOUNDERS HALL
Spreckels1,43535 x 417’5”68146885672808064FOUNDERS HALL
Spreckels A33022 x 157’5”1633221418202016FOUNDERS HALL
Spreckels B44022 x 207’5”2040221418202016FOUNDERS HALL
Spreckels C40020 x 207’5”1640221418202016FOUNDERS HALL
Spreckels D30020 x 157’5”1633221418202016FOUNDERS HALL
Spreckels A/B77022 x 357’5”3673442836404032FOUNDERS HALL
Spreckels C/D70020 x 357’5”3273442836404032FOUNDERS HALL
Babcock1,68040 x 427’4”96140886072808064FOUNDERS HALL
Babcock A42020 x 217’4”2435221518202016FOUNDERS HALL
Babcock B42020 x 217’4”2435221518202016FOUNDERS HALL
Babcock C42020 x 217’4”2435221518202016FOUNDERS HALL
Babcock D42020 x 217’4”2435221518202016FOUNDERS HALL
Babcock A/B84020 x 427’4”4870443036404032FOUNDERS HALL
Babcock C/D84020 x 427’4”4870443036404032FOUNDERS HALL
Story1,70127 x 637’8”88152626072707056FOUNDERS HALL
Story A54027 x 207’8”2448202024202016FOUNDERS HALL
Story B64827 x 247’8”4056222024303024FOUNDERS HALL
Story C51327 x 197’8”2448202024202016FOUNDERS HALL
Story A/B1,18827 x 447’8”64104424048505040FOUNDERS HALL
Story B/C1,16127 x 437’8”64104424048505040FOUNDERS HALL
Reid Boardroom26315 x 187’11”10FOUNDERS HALL
Cabana Ballroom3,87244 x 8811’4”2203809288112220220176THE CABANAS
Cabana Ballroom C2,15644 x 4911’4”14022036406012012096THE CABANAS
Cabana Ballroom A85822 x 3911’4”4080282426505040THE CABANAS
Cabana Ballroom B85822 x 3911’4”4080282426505040THE CABANAS
Cabana Ballroom A/B1,71644 x 4011’4”8016056485210010080THE CABANAS
Coronado83622 x 389’10”4480282832607048THE CABANAS
La Jolla A41822 x 199’11”2640161418202016THE CABANAS
La Jolla B44022 x 209’11”2640161418202016THE CABANAS
La Jolla A/B85822 x 399’11”5280322836404032THE CABANAS
Imperial A36119 x 199’7”1630201418202016THE CABANAS
Imperial B36119 x 199’7”1630201418202016THE CABANAS
Imperial A/B72219 x 389’7”3260402836404032THE CABANAS
Point Loma A47525 x 1910’2450242022203016THE CABANAS
Point Loma B47525 x 1910’2450242022203016THE CABANAS
Point Loma A/B95025 x 3810’48100484044406032THE CABANAS

Outdoor Venue Information

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Outdoor Venue Information
Outdoor VenuesSquare FeetDimensionsBanquets 6'
Rounds of 10
Banquets 5'
Rounds of 10
Banquets 6'
Rounds of 8
Main Beach7,591200 x 38200200160
North Beach70,003175 x 400150015001200
Windsor Lawn16,956180 x 120800800640
Southpointe Lawn14,04093 x 16010001100800
The Garden10,76473 x 174340340272
Vista Terrace12,648136 x 93320320256
Paseo Lawn4,453194 x 36270270216
Founders Lawn North8,000240 x 93
Founders Lawn South2,10060 x 35

Southpointe Event Center

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Southpointe Room Information
Southpointe VenuesSquare FeetDimensionsCeilingClassroomTheatreConferenceU-ShapeHollow SquareBanquets 6'
Rounds of 10
Banquets 5'
Rounds of 10
Banquets 6'
Rounds of 8
Southpointe Foyer A2,12087 x 2020
Southpointe Foyer B2,56497 x 2020
Southpointe Foyer C1,59515 x 8920
Southpointe Foyer D1,62416 x 8920
Southpointe Ballroom15,130170 x 89288081548293330369798955638
Southpointe East/West, E-H11,570130 x 89286181184224252282610451301
Southpointe East/West, A-D10,974126 x 89285861123212239267579692463
Southpointe East/West7,65486 x 8928409783148167187404483323
Southpointe East, E-H7,47987 x 8928399765144163182394472315
Southpointe West, A-D7,14783 x 8928382731138156174377451301
Southpointe East3,82743 x 8928204392748393202241161
Southpointe West3,82743 x 8928204392748393202241161
Southpointe E-H3,65244 x 8320195374718089193230154
Southpointe E83644 x 19204586161820445335
Southpointe F96844 x 22205299192124516141
Southpointe G92444 x 21204995182023495839
Southpointe H92444 x 21204995182023495839
Southpointe E/F1,80444 x 4120961853539449511476
Southpointe F/G1,89244 x 432010119437414610011980
Southpointe G/H1,84844 x 4220991893640459711778
Southpointe E-G2,72844 x 6220146279535966144172115
Southpointe F-H2,81644 x 6420150288556169148178119
Southpointe A-D3,32040 x 8320177340647281175209140
Southpointe A76040 x 19204178151719404832
Southpointe B88040 x 22204790171921465637
Southpointe C84040 x 21204586161820445335
Southpointe D84040 x 21204586161820445335
Southpointe A/B1,64040 x 4120881683236408610369
Southpointe B/C1,72040 x 4320921763337429110973
Southpointe C/D1,68040 x 4220901723337418910671
Southpointe A-C2,48040 x 6220132254485460131156105
Southpointe B-D2,56040 x 6420137262505662135162108
Mezzanine2,66095 x 289142272525865140168112
Mezzanine 195234 x 2895197182123506040
Mezzanine 289632 x 2894892172022475738
Mezzanine 381229 x 2894483161820435134
Mezzanine 1/21,84866 x 289991893640459711778
Mezzanine 2/31,70861 x 289911753337429010872

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