Jamie O’Brien Surf Experience

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Jamie O'Brien Surf Experience


Jamie O’Brien Surf Experience

Apr 11-Dec 31, 2024

Learn the art of surfing from top SoCal instructors hand-picked by world-famous pro surfer Jamie O'Brien, known for his mastery of Pipeline on Oahu's North Shore. The first and only surf school by Jamie O'Brien on the mainland, beginner surfers will experience world-class instruction on the gentle waves of Coronado Island.

Ohana Surf Lesson

All Ages

Our most popular experience! This Coronado surf lesson is best for couples, families, and small groups looking to enjoy the ocean together with an instructor(s) dedicated to their private group. 4:1 guest/instructor ratio. Catch your first wave and create lifelong memories with your loved ones.

Group Surf Lesson

Ages 12+

This Coronado surf lesson is for those who don’t mind sharing their waves with a small group of new friends. Guests must be 12 years of age or older to join a group surf lesson for safety purposes. To ensure quality instruction, we have a 4:1 guest/instructor ratio.

Private Surf Lessons

All Ages

One-on-one instruction with a world-class instructor. This experience is for those looking to maximize their wave count and progress their surfing ability quickly through personalized guidance and coaching.

Kids Surf Lessons

Ages 10 and Under

The best way to introduce your children to the sport of surfing! Introduce your kids to surfing in a fun, safe, and beautiful environment. Surfing is a great way to keep your kids active and outdoors. Available for kids ages 10 and under, our specifically trained surf instructors provide a one-hour, one-on-one introduction to surfing, giving your child their perfect first waves in a safe and fun environment.

Surfboard Rentals

Jamie O’Brien Surf Experience offers premium soft board rentals at our surf shop from our partners at Catch Surf. We have 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 ft surfboards as well as bodyboards and beach rentals available for rent by the hour along with wetsuit combos. You can reserve boards online but it’s recommended you pick out your board in person as the ideal board will change based on the day's surf conditions. We have a large fleet of boards available, so no matter when you arrive we’ll have your chosen board waiting for you.

Surf lessons are dependent on water conditions. Please visit sdbeachinfo.com for real-time information on water quality. In the event of an ocean water closure, we will contact you to reschedule and, if necessary, issue a refund.

Will Jamie O’Brien be teaching my lesson?

While Jamie does own and operate our surf school, he does not teach or guide himself. However, every instructor and guide has been hand-selected by Jamie to provide you with the safest and best experience possible, and they are eager to get you in the water.

What is included in the experience?

All equipment needed for experience is provided including surfboards, wetsuits, leashes, and surf wax.

What happens during the lesson?

All lessons start with a 15 to 20-minute “land lesson” where you will learn ocean safety, surfing techniques, and get familiar with the equipment. Once your instructor gives the green light, you’ll head out to the water to surf for 1 hour or more of riding waves followed by reviewing your photos at our surf shop.

Which lesson type do you recommend?

While all of our lesson types guarantee an epic time, our most popular option by far is our Ohana (private group) lesson. Your family or group gets their own private instructor dedicated to just your group which allows more attention and personalized instruction. You’ll catch more waves than the public group lesson and you’ll save money per person vs the 1:1 private lesson. The Ohana lesson surfer-to-instructor ratio is 4:1 and is open to surfers of all ages, but for each surfer under 10 years old, it will cost an additional $100 in order to add an extra instructor for safety reasons.

What are your lesson times and when is the best time to surf?

We offer lessons daily and all lessons are 1.5 hours long. The schedule may vary seasonally. Due to our epic surfing location, we enjoy great waves all day long, but many surfers prefer to surf at the earliest time slot available due to the joy of being out on the water during the morning glass.

Are there age restrictions?

We can teach all ages from 2 to 99. Guests must be at least 12 years old to join a public group lesson. We require that children under 12 are on a private lesson one on one, or with their parents on an Ohana package. If the guests are young children, around 6 years old and under, they will often need to be on the board with the instructor (what we call a tandem lesson), and this will be a private lesson. If the guests are around 70 or older and feel they need extra attention, a private lesson is advisable.

Why are you asking for my age, weight, and height?

We ask for this information so that we can ensure we have the right instructor ratio for you as well as pick the right surfboards for your lesson.

What should I wear/do I need a bathing suit?

You will be provided a full-body wetsuit to wear during your lesson, and while many people choose to wear nothing underneath, most guests will wear their swimsuits underneath the provided wetsuit. Private changing areas are provided. Please ensure you bring sunscreen and a towel.

Where should we meet for our lesson? When should we be there, and where will we be surfing?

Please meet us at our surf shop on the beach side of The Views neighborhood on the southern end of the resort. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled start time to change, sign waivers, and answer any last-minute questions. We will be surfing at the beach directly in front of The Views building on the southern side of the jetty.

What is your payment and refund policy?

We require full payment upon booking, but you may cancel up to 48 hours prior to your lesson for a full refund. Changes to reservations made within the 48-hour window are not guaranteed but we will make our best effort to accommodate.

What are the current ocean water conditions?

The well-being, safety, and security of our guests and team members are of paramount importance. The ocean water where we surf is tested every day by the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health. Guests or visitors with questions regarding the current status of ocean water quality in Coronado are encouraged to visit sdbeachinfo.com for real-time information. In the event of an ocean water closure, we will contact you to reschedule and, if necessary, issue a refund.

I’m an advanced/intermediate surfer and looking to improve my surfing. Can you help?

We specialize in teaching beginners and first-time surfers, and our surf break is best for learning the basics. We do not offer advanced surf coaching, but if you call our shop we will be able to refer you to someone who can assist.

Can I surf if I get seasick?

For guests who are prone to motion or seasickness, please be advised that surfing, stand-up paddling, and other activities offered by us have been known to trigger symptoms. Many guests can limit these by taking the motion sickness medication of their choice approximately 60 minutes before their experience.

Are the instructors CPR certified?

Yes, all instructors are CPR and lifesaving certified.

Will there be a photographer?

Yes. Every lesson will be photographed, and the images will be available for purchase.

Can I rent a surfboard if I don’t want to take a lesson? How much does it cost?

Yes. You can rent a board from our surf shop for $40/hr or $60/2 hrs. You may only surf on the south side of the jetty.

I have a disability. Can I take a surfing lesson?

Yes, we would love to take you surfing! We specialize in getting everyone out into the water regardless of age or ability. If the disability requires extra attention, you will need to take a private lesson.

I can’t swim. Can I take a surfing lesson?

Yes, we can certainly take you surfing. We do require for safety that non-swimmers take a private lesson one-on-one. To join our other lesson types, guests must be able to swim comfortably in the ocean without assistance or a life jacket. We do have lifejackets available that non-swimmers may wear for their comfort during the lesson.

Jamie O'Brien and team sitting on surfboards

About Jamie O’Brien

Jamie O’Brien is a professional surfer from Hawaii’s North Shore, known for his fearless approach to surfing. He started surfing at the age of four and has been surfing ever since. Jamie has won numerous surfing competitions and is widely regarded as one of the best surfers in the world.

Jamie’s passion for surfing is contagious, and he loves nothing more than sharing his knowledge and experience with others. That’s why he created Jamie O’Brien Surf Experience, to give people from all over the world the chance to live the dream and surf in Hawaii and San Diego.

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