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Fitness Center

Stay fit during your Coronado Island getaway with a wide range of top tier fitness equipment and
classes including Beach Spin, Yoga, Pilates and more.

Fitness Center is open 24 hours, every day of the week.
Fitness Center Classes are open to hotel guests, members and day visitors.

Summer Fitness Schedule

Reservations required: Dial “0” on your room phone, text 619.535.8705, call 619.435.6611 or visit


7:00 amBeach Spin Level 1Chelsea
8:30 amHIIT: High Intensity Low Impact TrainingJosh
9:30 amYoga FlowChelsea
5:30 pmHIIT: High-Intensity Interval TrainingLuis


7:00 amYoga FlowChelsea
8:30 amGroup Personal TrainingLuis
9:30 amMeditation & HI-Performance BreathingAmy


7:00 amBeach Spin Level 1Chelsea
8:30 amSolid Core PilatesChelsea
9:30 amYoga FlowAmy


7:00 amBeach Spin Level 1Chelsea
8:30 amHIIT: High-Intensity Interval TrainingLuis
9:30 amYoga FlowChelsea


7:00 amBeach Spin Level 2Lacey
8:30 amHIIT: High-Intensity Interval TrainingLuis
10:00 amMeditation & HI-Performance BreathingMary
6:30 pmSunset YogaMary


7:00 amBeach Spin Level 2Liz
8:30 amYoga FlowLiz
9:30 amHIIT: High-Intensity Interval TrainingLuis
10:00 amMeditation & HI-Performance BreathingMary


7:00 amBeach Spin Level 2Lacey
8:30 amBeach Power WalkLacey
9:30 amAthletic StretchJosh
10:00amIntermediate YogaMary


Experience a foundational stretch class that utilizes proven wellness modalities such as TRX suspension training, Bosu balls, bands and flexibility equipment to sharpen your game and hone your physicality. A great way to melt away stress from travel, work, or time on the computer. All levels

Fitness Studio

Shoes are optional for this invigorating morning workout. We will utilize both the soft and hard sand to train balance, flexibility, and overall physicality. Fine tune your walking form and posture while utilizing a hi-performance breathing technique to improve aerobic capacity..

North Beach

A Del signature experience overlooking the Pacific this experience welcomes those who include spin in their regular fitness routine and those looking to get back on a spin bike, or who want to give it a try. Great form and proper breathing are integrated into this 45-minute class. Led by San Diego’s best instructors with great tunes and an amazing view. All levels.

Paseo Lawn

This favored experience overlooking the Pacific features a 45-min
workout led by San Diego’s best instructors with invigorating tunes and
an even better view.

Paseo Lawn

Challenge your mind and body as you alternate between high and low intensity exercises through timed intervals of free weights, body weight, and cardio training. This 30-minute workout will rev up your metabolism and leave you feeling great for the rest of the day. Intermediate.

Fitness Studio

This all levels functional beach training class, utilizes sand, bodyweight, breathing and nature for an inspiring and fun outdoor workout. Great for those wanting to explore an accessible and easy way to workout anywhere. All levels.

North Beach

Deepen your practice and move into more challenging postures with focus on alignment and form. Intermediate.

North Beach

Essential to a hi-performance lifestyle, this breathwork and meditation offering will guide you through the simple yet powerful practice of hi-performance breathing and meditation. Learn the secrets to a calm and focused mind in this uplifting class for body and spirit. All levels.

North Beach

Create strength from the inside out starting with your core. This class fuses Pilates, flexibility, core conditioning, and total body toning. All levels.

Fitness Studio

A fun and informal way to experience the healing benefits of yoga. With the sound of the ocean and beautiful views, this inclusive style class will explore the many benefits of yoga in the relaxing and energizing setting of the beach. All levels. Complimentary for Resort guests.

North Beach

A gentle vinyasa (the alignment of movement with breath) class using components of sun salutations and other postures requiring standing, forward bending and kneeling. All levels. Complimentary for Resort guests.

North Beach


Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your class.

Safety Guidelines

All attendees must sign a waiver before their class.

UpcomingFitness Activities & Events

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Women roller skating at Hotel del Coronado

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