Victorian Meeting Spaces

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Coming 2025Restoring The Victorian

The Del will complete a more than $160 million renovation of the hotel's historic Victorian building. The upgrades will encompass all Victorian guestrooms, suites and event spaces such as the iconic Crown Room, Coronet Room and Ocean Ballroom, with a targeted completion date of Spring 2024 for the event spaces and Spring 2025 for the guestrooms.

Enjoy this sneak peek of the revitalization of The Victorian and begin making plans for your upcoming meetings and events.

Crown Room rendering

Crown Room

The Crown Room was considered an architectural achievement spanning 160 feet by 60 feet, without any pillars to interrupt the view. It served as the hotel's main dining room and hosted many prominent events, including a banquet with England's Prince of Wales in 1920, a celebration of Charles Lindbergh's famous solo trans-Atlantic flight in 1927, and the first state dinner held outside the White House in 1970. This iconic San Diego venue is also famous for its 33-foot high ceiling, paneled in beautiful Oregon sugar pine. Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum is credited for designing the famous crown chandeliers, which were installed c. 1911.

The renovation of this space will include a restoration of the original wood, replacement of non-historic entry doors to match the originals, electrical upgrades, and refreshed carpeting and wall sconces.

Coronet Room rendering

Coronet Room

Situated off the iconic Crown Room is the Coronet Room, which also features a beautiful domed ceiling and one of the famed crown chandeliers that Wizard of Oz Author L. Frank Baum is credited with designing. This enchanting room also connects to the front porch, which was restored in 2021.

Restorations in this space include the refurbishment of the beautiful woodwork, electrical upgrades, new carpeting, and replacement of non-historic doors with replicas of the originals.

Ocean Ballroom rendering

Ocean Ballroom

The only oceanfront venue in The Victorian, the stunning Ocean Ballroom features panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, delicate crystal chandeliers, and a built-in stage. Renovations of this space will include the removal of non-historic accents, refreshed wall coverings and carpeting, removal of a non-historic back-of-house area to increase the square footage, and restoration of the historic stage.

Sneak Peek

Renovated Victorian Rooms

In the original, 1888 hotel that evokes the legacy and magic of two centuries, no two rooms are alike and all are full of character. The renovation of The Victorian guest rooms and suites will celebrate The Del's legendary history while improving function and design.

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