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Paranormal Investigation


In 1992, Hotel del Coronado contracted with Parapsychologist/Anomalist Christopher Chacon to conduct a confidential assessment of the ongoing anomalous (haunt) phenomena reported throughout the resort. The continuous 24-hour-a-day, 12-month investigation involved an expansive environment scanning and monitoring with both onsite technology throughout the property (including rooms, grounds, etc.) and remote-scanning and monitoring technology operated from a mobile lab. Every aspect was analyzed including temperature, electrostatic emissions, air current and air content, electromagnetic and geomagnetic spectrum, all types of radiation, vibration and movement, air pressure and humidity and spectrum of light, among many others. Additionally, 1,100 people were confidentially interviewed, consisting of hotel guests, day visitors, hotel employees, workers and contractors. Half of those interviewed had reported a wide variety of unexplainable events and the other half were randomly selected, all of them undergoing a myriad of scientific examinations, interviews and assessments.

After almost 10,000 hours of continuous onsite assessment, a significant percentage of anomalous (paranormal) phenomena were documented that could not be scientifically explained. Some of the recurring phenomena included: moving chairs and furniture, disembodied shadows, opening and closing doors and windows, water faucets turning on and off, concentrations of extremely cold air, and disembodied voices and footsteps. Additionally, hundreds of incidents were documented of people (hotel guests, employees, etc.) having all manner of experiences (talking to someone, hearing or smelling something, etc.) that could not be scientifically detected. Among the variety of locations these experience were documented includes the hotel’s famously haunted rooms on the third floor and fifth floor, which are among the most requested in the resort. Chacon returned to the Hotel del Coronado on multiple occasions to conduct further assessments using different investigative models and approaches.

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