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A Brief History of the Hotel Del Coronado

Opened in February 1888, Hotel del Coronado debuted as an architectural masterpiece, acclaimed for its spectacular seaside setting and world-famous weather. Outfitted with electricity and every modern amenity, The Del was a destination resort before the term existed, attracting a wealthy clientele from the Midwest, East Coast, and Europe. These guests – who arrived with… Read more »

Our Hollywood Connection

Hotel del Coronado, established in 1888 as San Diego’s Pacific landmark resort, has enjoyed a long relationship with Hollywood. Almost from its earliest days, moviemakers have sought The Del’s spectacular location, as have Hollywood stars, who have long enjoyed the island retreat as a Los Angeles getaway. Stage actress Lillie Langtry (1853-1929) may have been… Read more »

“Some Like It Hot” Filmed at Hotel del Coronado

In 1958, Hotel del Coronado made Hollywood history when it became the setting for director Billy Wilder’s classic comedy, Some Like It Hot, starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon. Released in 1959, this romantic romp was voted the #1 comedy of all time by the American Film Institute and named #14 on its… Read more »

Presidential Visitors at the Hotel del Coronado

PRESIDENTS Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893): In conjunction with a cross-country train trip, President Benjamin Harrison arrived in San Diego early on the morning of April 23, 1891, becoming the first in-office president to visit the city. Almost immediately, President and Mrs. Harrison were conveyed to Hotel del Coronado for breakfast, where they were greeted by a… Read more »

Ghostly Goings-On at the Hotel del Coronado

Kate Morgan – a young woman who checked into Hotel del Coronado in 1892 – never checked out. Instead, it’s thought her lovely likeness and gentle spirit remain as the resort’s resident ghost. About Kate Morgan Kate Morgan, age 24, arrived on Thanksgiving Day, alone and unhappy. According to hotel employees, she said she was… Read more »

Hotel del Coronado’s Crowning Glory

Have you ever wondered what’s beneath Hotel del Coronado’s soaring, red-roofed signature turret? For over 125 years – ever since the hotel opened in 1888 – the resort’s Ballroom has enjoyed this oceanfront seat of honor. Outfitted with a stage and panoramic Pacific view, this grand and sweeping space has enjoyed a lifetime of fabulous… Read more »